Going virtual at your event | Hybrid & Virtual AGMs

Creating an unforgettable virtual experience


Ensure your AGM is a smooth, engaging experience where shareholders receive all the information they need. Our virtual and hybrid solutions for AGM meetings acts as a centralized resource – providing convenient access to everything your attendees need.

AGMs can be held in an entirely virtual format or in a hybrid format. Purely virtual AGMs are conducted entirely by electronic means – there is no physical meeting location. Hybrid AGMs on the other hand, are a combination of a virtual and physical AGM. A physical meeting takes place, but shareholders may elect to attend by virtual means instead. Both virtual and hybrid meetings might enable shareholders who would otherwise require a proxy to actually participate in and vote at the AGM.

Let us evolve your



Did you know there are a number of benefits to doing things this way!


Save money

There is now no need to book a venue or catering.
Some event apps and AGM pages can pay for themselves pure from the removal of printing costs.
For the most part, no travel or accommodation either.


Revenue opportunities

By using Event Apps wisely, you can generate additional income from sponsorship, push notifications and logos on your live stream videos.


Save the planet

Going digital lowers your carbon footprint – there are no printed programs, not airplanes and best yet, no traffic and car fumes.


Reach a more people

If you market it well, you could have people joining from all over the world!


Attendance and engagement

It’s easier to measure when you’ve gone digital, and is a core return of investment for current and potential sponsors.


Longer life spans

The recording of your event can be re-purposed and re-used multiple times.


Live Voting

An intuitive voting system that displays results in real-time or when needed.


Allow members to ask questions.


Generate insight into your AGM with comprehensive analytics.


Live stream, Virtual, hybrid or pre-recorded we can do them all.

Live Stream Support

Securely Livestream your AGM, with Q&A and live poll questions instantly available.


Passcode protected sessions and encrypted data.

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