1. Opening and Welcome

Chairman Dries van Coller welcomed all members present at the Galagos venue, and venues across the country. He said it is a first for PHASA to have a virtual AGM, as well as two days in one. Mr van Coller asked members to raise any comments, questions and objections on the floor, and not after the AGM. He welcomed all our international members attending, and thanked our Convention partners and all our generous sponsors.


  1. Attendance and Apologies

Present: 125 full members and proxies (attendance register on file)
Apologies: 12 apologies (noted and listed on file)


  1. Establishment of Quorum

The meeting was declared duly constituted, with 125 full members and proxies present.


  1. Call for Additional Items & Confirmation of the Agenda

 (NOTE: Clause 16.7 of the PHASA Constitution stipulates as follows:

16.7 Any member desiring to bring forward at this meeting any proposal, not involving any alteration of the Constitution or the By-Laws, which requires 21 (twenty-one) days’ notice to the members, and which has not already been included in the agenda of the meeting, shall send written notice of the same to PHASA not less than 10 (ten) days before the date of the meeting.


16.7.1 At such meeting, bring forward such proposal from the floor, provided that a majority of the voting members present vote that the proposal may be included in the agenda of the meeting.)

 No additional Items proposed from the floor or other venues.


The agenda was approved.

Proposed: Pieter Potgieter
Seconded: Jess de Klerk


  1. Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting, Held on 9 November 2019

 RESOLUTION: The minutes of the previous meeting, held on 09 November 2019, were accepted as a true reflection of the meeting.

Proposed: Pieter Potgieter
Seconded: Tienie Bamberger


  1. President’s Report

Dries van Coller presented his report. (A summary is attached to the minutes on file.) The report was accepted and approved by the meeting.

The meeting unanimously adopted the report.
Proposed: Jess de Klerk
Seconded: Richard Lemmer

 Mr van Coller recognised the PHASA office staff for the work done for PHASA and the PHASA Foundation.


  1. Presentation of Ingwe Certificates

The Ingwe Awards (more than 25 years’ distinguished service to PHASA) were presented to the following members: Ed Borner, Hans de Klerk, Ernst Dyason, Jacques Horak, Harry Katrakilis, Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre, Charles Price, James Quin and Gray Thornton.




  1. Matters Arising from the Previous Minutes

8.1          Semantics of Wording in Advertising, among others – P Bronkhorst

This point dealt with the relevance of using the correct contracts and the correct wording in your contracts. The point was resolved.

Proposed: Pieter Potgieter
Seconded: Ben Heystek


8.2          Fraudulent Cheques – D Muller

This point dealt with fraudulent client activities. It also acted as a warning to members to make sure everything is in order with client payments. This point was resolved.

Proposer: Pieter Potgieter
Seconded: Barry York


  1. Financial Report

9.1           Audited Financial Statements as at 30 September 2020

Pieter Potgieter presented the Annual Financial Report, of which a copy is attached to the file copy of these minutes. He highlighted the following:

The cash and cash equivalent has increased, mainly due to the Momentum 7-day account, which is our investment. He explained the detailed income statement and emphasised that the membership fees income has not decreased much during this difficult year. The gala auction was very successful last year, and the income helped PHASA a great deal this past year. Income from temporary import permits, registers, books and medals has been affected by Covid. PHASA cut down a great deal on expenses such as, for example, advertising, computers, meetings and office expenditure. There is a profit of R220 000, which is being moved over to 2021.


RESOLUTION: The financial report was accepted.

Proposed: Tony Du Bruyn
Seconded: Jono Joseph


9.2          Membership Fees: 2021

The Exco proposed a 0% increase in membership fees for 2021. The proposed 0% increase will result in the following annual membership fees:

  • Outfitters: R4 070
  • PHs: R1 400
  • PHs under the age of 25: R1 120
  • Associate membership: R2 800
  • International membership: USD50
  • Chapter membership: USD100
  • Friends of PHASA: R180.


RESOLUTION: Based on the budget presented, a 0% increase in all membership fees was unanimously approved by members. The R400 registration fee will be waived for all applications for the 2021 financial year.

Proposed: Tony Du Bruyn
Seconded: Dries van Coller


9.3          Proposed Budget: 2021

Pieter Potgieter presented the proposed budget and highlighted the following issues:

  1. Income:
  • Nett income for Convention
  • Nett income for auction – only budgeted R150 000, as this year’s circumstances were different, due to Covid
  • Registers – budgeted higher, as we are hoping we will be hunting
  • Membership is quite similar to the previous year
  • Temporary imports and medals – budgeted higher, due to hoping we are going to hunt
  • The golf day income has been brought over to 2021
  • Interest received has dropped, due to Covid
  • Marketing and media – Huntex did not take place, but will be attended in 2021
  • Meetings – Exco & provincial meetings will mostly take place via Zoom, with only a few taking place in person to cut costs
  • Staff – the Consulting Manager’s fees are included
  • Salaries & wages – no increases for staff this year, due to budget restrictions.


  1. Expenses:
  • Office and admin –not much maintenance and improvements were done during 2020, but it will change in 2021. The staff will be back in the office as well, which will increase the expenses.
  • National travel – travel expenses will increase, as fewer meetings will be virtual.
  • International travel – expenses are lower, due to the cancellation of the SCI show. We will see what happens regarding the DSC show.
  • Legal fees – budgeted for. Mr Otto Krause, the lawyer assisting PHASA with advice on cases, only charges PHASA R1 000 per case. He was thanked for this. Pieter Potgieter further explained that the legal fees allocation is for other legal costs, e.g. documents and letters involving other lawyers as well.
  • Mr Potgieter projected a loss of R112 000 on this budget.


RESOLUTION: The budget for 2021, as presented by Pieter Potgieter, was accepted.

Proposed: Jess de Klerk
Seconded: Eardley Rudman

 Mr van Coller commended Mr Potgieter, Ms Sybil Schoeman and the rest of the Finco for their hard work with the finances of PHASA.


9.4         Appointment of Auditors for 2021

The appointment of Zita Marie Grobler from Gracia Auditors as the auditors for the new financial year was confirmed.

Proposed: Dries van Coller
Seconded: Jess de Klerk


  1. Election of Office Bearers

Nominations received:

Vice President: Eardley Rudman and Tony Du Bruyn

Exco members: Eardley Rudman, Richard Lemmer and Tony Du Bruyn

As there was only one position open for Vice President, members voted on this position. Voting took place via the Convention application. Eardley Rudman was elected Vice President by a majority vote. There were two positions open for Exco members and two nominations received. No further voting was required.


The Exco members for 2021:

Vice President: Eardley Rudman

Exco members: Richard Lemmer, Tony Du Bruyn

Exco members remaining in office for another year: Pieter Potgieter (President), Dries van Coller (Immediate Past-President), Barry York (Vice President), Ben Heystek, Tienie Bamberger, Jess de Klerk and Jonathan Joseph

All the members elected to office were congratulated.


  1. New Matters
    • PHASA General Manager Appointment

Mr Pieter Potgieter explained that this was also discussed at the 2019 AGM, where the Exco proposed a position for Dries van Coller with PHASA. He and Mr Potgieter will work together and share the responsibility of meetings and duties. This will allow PHASA to have continuity and keep up the high standard of work performed on international, local and government level. Mr van Coller will have the position of Consulting Executive Officer.


RESOLUTION: Two thirds of members voted in favour of the appointment of Mr van Coller to this position. Voting took place via the Convention application with a 90.48% ‘Yes’ vote.


  • Disciplinary Procedure

Mr van Coller explained that the disciplinary code and procedures in the Constitution need to be updated, owing to shortcomings. PHASA used legal experts to assist with the changes, which are compliant with our Constitution.


The proposed changes were duly processed, in compliance with the current Constitution.

Proposed: Richard Lemmer
Seconded: Pieter Potgieter



By deleting clause 9.5 in toto from clause 9:


9.1          The Executive Committee shall from time to time publish a Code of Conduct which shall be binding upon all members, after the approval of such at an Annual General Meeting.

9.2          The Code of Conduct shall promote and observe the Aims and Objectives of the Association.

9.3          Should any member breach the Code of Conduct, they may, after a duly convened disciplinary enquiry, have their membership of the Association terminated.

9.4         The Association shall keep a list of terminated members, which shall be available upon written request and shall contain the reasons for termination of membership.


9.5 Should any member be the subject of disciplinary enquiry, the Executive Committee shall, at an ordinary meeting passed by way of a majority vote of those members present, table and approve a resolution instituting such disciplinary enquiry.]

9.6  The disciplinary enquiry will be conducted in accordance with the disciplinary Code of Conduct.



By deleting By-Law 2 in toto and by replacing it with the following By-Law:

BY-LAW PERTAINING TO DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURES/COMPLAINTS (The approved By-Law is attached to the minutes on file)


RESOLUTION: Two thirds of members voted in favour of the changes to the Constitution and it was accepted. Voting took place via the Convention application, with a 90,48 % ‘Yes’ vote.


11.3         PHASA Norms & Standards of Large Predators

The President explained that a great deal of time was spent on this document, as PHASA needed to look at what the challenges were. PHASA had to consider the biodiversity strategy and the Norms and Standards for the hunting of large predators. It is of crucial importance to have this document adopted, as there have been amendments. The proposed documents were distributed well in advance to all members for comment  to make it easier to present it at the AGM. Comments and questions were received and considered, and used, where appropriate. PHASA needs a concrete document that also covers USFWS’s requirements. This will be of utmost importance going forward, as the High-Level Panel will issue recommendations, which we can then amend, where needed, in the future, as this is the first revision of a living document. Mr van Coller thanked the Lion Task Team under Tienie Bamberger’s leadership for their time and effort.


Mr Bamberger explained the amendments and the reasons why the definition of a ranch lion was included. He also referred to the changes made to articles 15.3.5, 15.3.17, 15.3.18, 15.3.19, 15.3.20, 15.5.3, 15.5.4 and 15.6.1. Appendixes will be discussed, and completed by the Lion Task Team at a later stage.

The approved document for the Norms and Standards for the hunting of large predators is attached to the minutes on file.


Mr van Coller further explained that, by stating in the document that a person must be a PHASA member, we are taking responsibility for the hunting of all ranch lions. PHASA believes that it is a contribution to conservation, and we have proved the conservation value and how we will participate in the hunt. We can, therefore, defend ourselves and be proud of what has been achieved. We will continue to work on improving the document. A period was allowed for comment, and there will be no debates and discussions on this at the AGM. The Exco welcome any comments in writing afterwards.


RESOLUTION: Two thirds of the voting members voted in favour of the PHASA Norms & Standards of Large Predators. Voting took place via the Convention application, with a 91,76 % ‘Yes’ vote.


  1. General

12.1         Honorary Membership

The President reminded the meeting that Exco may bestow honorary membership on anyone who has contributed a great deal towards PHASA. Consequently, the Exco proposed that honorary membership for 2021 be awarded to Laird Hamberlain (SCI), John Boretsky (SCI), Ron Thomson (TGA) and Prof Pieter van Niekerk, in absentia.


All present unanimously agreed.


  1. Introduction of Provincial Representatives

Mr van Coller thanked the 2020 provincial representatives for their assistance during the past year. They played a significant role in promoting PHASA and the industry. The provincial representatives were introduced: Jonathan Joseph (Gauteng & Mpumalanga); Matt van Zyl and Johan Jacobs (Western Cape); Coenie Swanepoel (KwaZulu-Natal); Hansie du Bruyn (Northern Cape); Tony du Bruyn and Richard Lemmer (Limpopo); Casper van der Merwe (North West); Jess de Klerk (Free State); and Eardley Rudman (Eastern Cape). Mr van Coller invited all members to support the provincial meetings where they can, and meet in person or virtually. The WhatsApp groups were created for PHASA members to discuss industry matters, and to improve communication in the hunting industry. He also encouraged members to send articles or issues regarding the industry to Tersia Du Plooy for the newsletter or WhatsApp groups.


  1. Convention & AGM Venue 2021

Mr van Coller complimented Galagos Country Estate on the venue and exceptional service. We might return in future, if more accommodation is available. The 2020 Convention & AGM that was to take place in Hartenbos, was cancelled, due to Covid-19, and Exco made a proposal to hold the next Convention & AGM at ATKV Hartenbos.


  1. Date of 2021 PHASA Convention and AGMs

The Exco proposed the following two dates for the 2021 AGM: 12-13 November or 19-20 November 2021. Ms Barbara Crown advised via Zoom chat that the AWCF meeting will be held from 8-12 November 2021, in Africa. The Exco will inform members as soon as a final decision has been made.


  1. Closing

The President thanked the Exco members for all their hard work and for working together as a very successful team. He then handed the presidency over to Mr Pieter Potgieter. Mr Potgieter thanked everyone present and at the hubs, for their participation. With nothing further to discuss, he declared the 43rd AGM closed, and adjourned the meeting at 17:00.