1. Opening and Welcome

The Chairman, Pieter Potgieter, declared the Annual General Meeting open. The Chairman welcomed all Foundation members and guests present, members and guests at the designated venues across South Africa, as well as international guests. He thanked all the sponsors for their generous assistance.

  1. Attendance and Apologies

Present: 125 members (attendance register on file)
Apologies: 12 apologies (noted and listed on file)
The meeting was declared duly constituted with 125 members present.

  1. Confirmation of the Agenda

No new items were added to the agenda and the agenda was accepted.
Proposed: Dries van Coller
Seconded: Ben Heystek

  1. Approval of Minutes of the 17th Annual General Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting, held on 9 November 2019, were accepted as a true reflection of that meeting.
Proposed: Tienie Bamberger
Seconded: Tony Du Bruyn

  1. Chairman’s Report

The Chairman presented his report, a copy of which is attached to the minutes on file. The Chairman stated that he joined the PHASA Exco three years ago as a complete rookie. At the first meeting, he was handed the reins of the Foundation. With tremendous support and hard work from his fellow Board members and, specifically, the Vice Chair, Tonie du Bruyn, he has learnt so much. It has been an enormous honour and pleasure to serve our PHASA members, and our industry.

He thanked all the directors for their excellent work and dedication, and for thinking out of the box; and our office staff and the PHASA Exco members, who often give valuable input. He also gave his sincerest gratitude to all our donors. He stated that the donors are the reason that the Foundation has been able to continue its vital role within PHASA for the benefit of the hunting and wildlife community.

In December last year, it was decided to rebrand and rename the PHASA Conservation and Empowerment Fund to the PHASA Foundation, to follow the new PHASA into the future. The rebranding was very well received, and he especially thanked Adbrand, PHASA’s media company. They did a tremendous job in rebranding and marketing the Foundation.

To date, the Foundation has raised in excess of R19 million for worthy projects. This year alone, we raised another R2 million worth of, among others, food, meat, clothing and blankets.

The Chairman gave an overview of the projects of the past year:

5.1           Hunters Care for Hunger

The Hunters Care for Hunger project was established when COVID-19 hit us in March 2020. We realised that there would be a much bigger need for everyday essentials among fellow citizens. Unfortunately, this need will be with the Foundation for quite some time. The Foundation achieved a great deal with this project, and was able to hand over clothing and blankets donated by our members, and their families and friends to thousands of people across South Africa. The Foundation arranged the following: a fully loaded 6t truck, two Land cruisers, a 3t and a 2t trailer, an SUV and a double cab to deliver essentials to those in need. During the lockdown, the PHASA Foundation also delivered food to Filadelfia Ark, and needy families in the Thabazimbi and Lephalale area. This included about 27t potatoes, 40t pumpkins, 1t onions and 4t mixed vegetables, which provided some 180 000 meals equal to 400g per person. About 7t meat (and there is more that we are not even aware of) were donated. Without the regular contributions from trophy hunting, our fellow hunters shot animals to provide much-needed protein. At about 250g per meal, it added another 28 000 meals. Therefore, the Foundation provided 208 000 meals with the help of our members.

5.2          Amy Bell Foundation

The Foundation donated blankets to the value of R10 000 to the Amy Bell Foundation, a charitable organisation in Cradock which looks after the less privileged community in the region.

5.3          Abraham Kriel Children’s Home, Nylstroom

The Foundation delivered toiletries, meat, snacks and other food items to one of our long-term beneficiaries that looks after about 170 children. In March, just before the lockdown, PHASA members accompanied 10 of these children on an annual hunt. During that hunt, the children were introduced to hunting, tracking, shot placement and the appreciation of nature. Over a ton of meat was hunted and donated to the children’s home for all to enjoy.

5.4          Our Own PHs and Their Families

Unfortunately, some of our own members are among the families that are struggling, for which we provided food and money to cover medical expenses. Even professional hunters that are not PHASA members were helped.

5.5          The PHASA Video

The video was well received, with compliments coming in from all over the world. The Foundation financed the video to demonstrate what South Africa has to offer to our international visitors, despite Covid-19.

5.6          Leopard Research Project

In 2016, the Department of Environmental Affairs (now the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries — DEFF) announced a zero-leopard-hunting quota. This decision came as a shock to stakeholders, and conservationists involved in the global hunting and safari industry.

The decision is proof that government statistics and available scientific data are inadequate, and questionable. It is evident that authorities make decisions without considering science-based evidence.

PHASA has taken ownership of the research aimed at compiling a reliable and credible database. The PHASA Foundation and other role-players in the wildlife sector have established the National Leopard Monitoring Project to assist DEFF.

The project has gathered data on 12 blocks of about 160 000ha, with about nine leopards (needs to be verified) identified per 10 000ha block.

Mpumalanga Parks and Tourism Agency (a government agency) approached the PHASA Foundation for assistance with funding to continue with its leopard research because the agency had no funds in its budget for research. The PHASA Foundation offered our support from our own limited resources by donating 40 complete camera stations (trail cams, SD cards, protective casings, batteries etc.) to ensure that the research project could continue. All the data gathered will be shared with our scientists. Therefore, PHASA can benefit from the research conducted in Mpumalanga without having to cover the operational costs.

5.7          The Leopard Research Video

The purpose of the leopard research video was to explain the importance of research, and to encourage people to become involved. This is yet another successful video production that PHASA will use in its liaison with our international and national sponsors.

5.8          PHASA Knives

The PHASA Knives project comprises a limited edition of 20 handmade collector’s knives to be sold as a fundraising activity. The knives will include PHASA’s logo on one side, with a blank space on the flip side to add a company brand name or an individual’s name. The handle is carved from giraffe bone. Nestled in a beautifully engraved, solid teak box, the knife will be a much appreciated gift or collector’s item. The knives are also individually numbered, and each number will be entered into a draw for a crocodile hunt, donated by Pat Loots.

The PHASA knife project will be launched early in 2021.

5.9          Robbie Joubert

Robbie Joubert, the 21-year-old son of Leon (Spyker) and Ilse Joubert, was found in his room with a bruised C5 vertebra that left him paralysed from the neck down. Our members came to the rescue, and opened their wallets and hearts to help Robbie with his medical expenses. Reinhardt Heuser and Paul Els arranged an online auction of various accommodation packages to raise much-needed funds. This auction was a huge success and, together with cash contributions, raised R100 000 to help cover his medical expenses.

5.10        Waterberg Lions

In 2019, the PHASA Foundation became involved in the Waterberg Lion Project, and have since made an enormous impact on the legitimacy of the project. Support for this research project, as well as the academic studies pertaining to it, has been more than generous over the past year. Although we experienced a difficult year, we remained true to our commitments and donated R94 000 towards the following: a new satellite collar, which was fitted to one of the sub-adult female lions; tuition fees; travel costs for the principal researcher; camera equipment; and measuring tools. Initially, five lions were released. Since then, 21 cubs have been born, and another male has been introduced. During the past year, several lions had to be relocated, due to overpopulation, leaving 12 lions still roaming the reserve. What a success story! It proves that ranched lions can adapt in the wild.

5.11         Free State Fire Fund

Devastating fires destroyed more than 100 000ha of land in the Free State. PHASA and WRSA took hands and collected about 20 truckloads (about 400t) of fodder, grass and lucerne bales for the farmers in need. Cash donations of R256 000 were used to cover transport expenses. All the feed was donated, but the transport costs had to be paid, in most instances.

5.12        Vroue van Hoop

The Vroue van Hoop project was the brainchild of Jorika Prinsloo and Anneke van der Merwe, who wanted to strengthen the invisible bond between women demonstrating an understanding of each other’s fatigue, despondency and sadness, as well as giving them hope and courage to support their husbands, and families. The PHASA women joined in and packed hundreds of boxes for women whose lives had been affected by the devastating veld fires in the Free State. This project differed from many other box projects around the country. The parcels were specifically packed to show grace and bring hope to the women of these farming communities. The parcels included personal items to spoil them in these challenging times, and to remind them that they are not alone.

5.13        PHASA Wildman National Shoot

The PHASA Wildman National Shoot was very successful, and is bound to become an annual event. Because the AGM in Hartenbos was cancelled, PHASA organised this shoot to bring members together for a fun-filled day. There was lots of fun and laughter as 20 teams, comprising four shooters each, competed in anything from slingshot, to big-bore shooting, competitions. Prizes valued at R40 000 were up for grabs. In addition to/including the exhibitors and guests, 110 people joined in the fun. A nett amount of R39 000 was raised.

5.14        Online Hunting Auction

Our annual auction was held 21-28 September 2020, under the watchful eye of Anneke van der Merwe. We were concerned about the impact of Covid-19, but we are grateful for the nett amount of R222 000 that was raised. Thanks to all the Outfitters who supported us and, especially, the new donors.

5.15        Drought Relief

Last year, we started a drought-relief project to provide much-needed animal feed to farmers in the drought-stricken Northern Cape. This project continued into this financial year.

Other organisations supported by The Foundation:

  • Kuierkidz

Kuierkidz, one of our long-standing projects, is an establishment that cares for autistic and physically disabled kids. This facility nearly closed its doors because the sponsor of the rental premises was unable to continue, due to Covid-19. PHASA stepped in and paid the rent to keep the establishment’s doors open. We also donated additional funds for other expenses.

  • Conservation Force

Conservation Force, an international organisation that focuses on wildlife conservation, education and research, receives an annual grant from the Foundation.

  • True Green Alliance (TGA)

The True Green Alliance (TGA) is a regular beneficiary of the PHASA Foundation. The TGA aims to protect and advocate sustainable utilisation of living resources (both wild and domestic) for the benefit of mankind; supports and embraces the animal welfare philosophy; and rejects the animal rights doctrine. The TGA is devoted to bringing common sense principles back into the wildlife arena. PHASA is a member of the TGA.

The Chairman thanked everyone for the privilege of standing at the helm of this wonderful organisation for the past three years serving its members, and strengthening the three pillars of the Foundation, namely Research, Conservation and Livelihoods.

The meeting unanimously adopted the report.
Proposed: Barry York
Seconded: Dries van Coller

The Chairman thanked the office staff for their continued hard work during the year.

Mr Barry York commended the Foundation for the work done and what they have achieved. They have taken negatives and turned them into positives. He stated that that is our future. We need to join hands with our fellow game ranchers and hunting associations, making it work.

  1. Financial Report as of 30 September 2019

6.1          Audited Financial Statements as of 30 September 2019

The Chairman presented the financial report and highlighted the following:

  • A minimal number of voluntary contributions were received, due to the fact that no hunting activities took place during 2020.
  • The online auction made about R350 000 nett.
  • The gala auction and raffle of Toyota also contributed towards income received.
  • An overview was given of expenses of the CRF, raffle and online auction.
  • Expenditure – The Foundation paid PHASA for, among others, the use of staff and offices.
  • Expenses on advertising and promotions were higher, due to rebranding, redesign of the website and appointing Adbrand to conduct the social media campaign.

The financial report was approved by the members present.
Proposed: Dries van Coller
Seconded: Eardley Rudman

6.2          Appointment of Auditors for 2020

The appointment of Zita Marie Grobler from Gracia Auditors as the auditor for the new financial year was confirmed by the meeting.
Proposed: Dries van Coller
Seconded: Jess de Klerk

  1. Election of Directors

The Chairman reported that Anneke van der Merwe, Bianca Bothma, Dries van Coller and Esther Netshivhongweni are due to retire as Directors after the AGM. There are two positions for non-full members open on the Board, and one position for a full member, to be filled through election by members. One position needs to be filled by the Exco. Four nominations were received for the three vacant positions on the Board. Nominees were Bianca Bothma, Diekie Muller, Paul Els and Pierre Moolman.

Directors remaining in office are Pieter Potgieter (Ex officio PHASA President), Peter de Villiers, Riaan Jacobs and Tony du Bruyn. Members subsequently elected Bianca Bothma, Paul Els and Pierre Moolman to the Board via the Convention app.

The Chairman congratulated the newly elected Directors.

  1. New Matters

8.1       No new matters.

  1. Standing Matters

9.1          Conservation Research Fund (CRF) report back.

9.2          Presentation of CRF Certificates: ATPD Properties, Bosveld Jacobs Safaris, Gerhard Botha, Hans De Klerk, Hennie de Jager Trust, JL Pretorius, Little Okavango Safaris, Motsomi Safaris, Nyati Wilderness, Waterberg Toyota, WRSA Zuurberg Chamber and Impala Holdings.

9.3          Presentation of Voluntary Conservation Contribution Certificates: Dries Visser Safaris, Motsomi Safaris, Spear Safaris, John Sholes, Magdel Boshoff, Marius Kotze, Michael Kotze, MultiService and Omni Hunting Safaris.

9.4         Presentation of Online Auction Certificates: Afrika Barrel and Bow Safaris, Bosveld Jacobs Safaris, Bushmans Quiver Safaris, Daggaboy Safaris SA, Diekie Muller Hunting Safaris, Dries van Coller & Lentegeur Safaris, Elandsbosch Safaris, Frikkie du Toit Safaris, Infinito Safaris, Jenobli Safaris, Joubert Pro-Hunt Hunting Lodge, Karoi Bush Camp, Koringkoppie Safaris, Kukama Hunting Safaris, Kuvhima Safaris, Mananga Safaris, Motsomi Safaris, Nyati Wilderness (Valamanzi), Protea Hotel Knysna, Protea Hotel Polokwane – The Ranch Resort, Theron African Safaris, Trophy Game Safaris, Tswenyane Safaris, Ubathi Global Safaris, Van Wijk Safaris, Warthog Safaris, Wild Game Safaris, Wild Wildebeest Safaris and Wilde Avontuur.

Lastly, the Chairman thanked everyone for their kind contributions, especially Salome and Marcel de Villiers. They started a Covid Fund with Go Fund Me, and we can use the funds for various people and projects.

  1. Closing

The Chairman thanked the 2020 Board for their hard work, and all the members and sponsors for their contributions and assistance. With no further matters to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 12:10.