Congratulations to the winners of the different categories:

Best Shooting Team of the day:
1st           Motsomi Safaris
2nd          Swift Dip
3rd          Van BDL

Losing Team of the day:
Bosveld Jacobs Safaris (220A0417)

Big Bore Shoot Winner:
Motsomi Safaris

Pistol Shoot Winner:

Kettie Shoot Winner:
Net die Punt

30 Kaliber Shoot Winner:
Swift Dip

.22 Shoot Winner:
Motsomi Safaris

Best Shot of the day:
1st           DP Buurman (Swift Dip)
2nd          Wouter Maree (Swift Dip)
3rd          Mario Blitterswijk (Van BDL)

Lady Shot of the day:

1st           Zelda (Gunpowder Girls)
2nd          Ruth Lemmer (Boksombened B-team)
3rd          Ilse Joubert (Gunpowder Girls)
4th          Yolande (Gunpowder Girls)