From Thelema Mountain Vineyards: One three-pack of Rabelais 2018 [Lot #1]

Rabelais is a blend of the best Bordeaux components from our Thelema range.  The wine shows concentrated aromas of dark berries, hints of mocha and cedar wood on the nose.  The palate has lovely, sweet fruit notes, polished tannins and a long, refined finish.

François Rabelais was a monk, doctor and writer in sixteenth-century France who imagined a utopian abbey on the banks of the Loire. In stark contrast to the religious orders of his day, this community admitted both men and women and encouraged them to live together in great luxury. Only one law governed its members: “Fay ce que vouldras” – Do what thou wilt! This was the Abbey of Thélème, which lent its name to our vineyard on the slopes of the Simonsberg Mountain: Thelema.

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